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Music education is our priority and it shows when you visit us. Many local families have made The Warwick School of Music and Performing Arts their choice for music lessons. They enjoy the quality of our instructors, the environment of our school, and the convenience of our Pine Island, New York location.


Private Music Lessons

We offer Private Music Instruction for all ages in a wide variety of instruments including piano, guitar, bass, drums, woodwinds, and strings. (Click here to meet our music teachers!)

  Performance Room

Performance Room

 The Warwick School of Music features a performance room that allows our students to experience performing in an ensemble. We match students that share common interests and experience levels to perform and learn together. They are often featured in our recitals.

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Mission Statement

 Thank you for your interest in taking music instruction at the Warwick School of Music.  Music education has been proven to accelerate learning, increase memorization skills, develop fine motor skills and have a positive influence on cultural awareness. Taking music lessons is about setting and achieving goals, learning the virtue of patience, sharing talents, expressing yourself, and building self-confidence.

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy”.

Ludwig van Beethoven

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